Biographies of the Crew

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We're hoping to be adding to this section for the foreseeable future, as and when information comes to hand, obviously tracing crew members details and histories is a daunting task, but we're fairly sure that quite a few will be readily available.

We wish to state now that these lists are not complete, nor do we expect them to ever be complete.

They have been created from a number of sources, not the least of which is yourselves.

If you have any information about any crew members of any of the ships, please let us know by clicking here and contacting Andy Wade.

We're currently attempting to compile lists of all known crew members of the following vessels, the idea is to give any visitors some idea of names for which they can then supply information, should they recognise anyone on the list.

They will also be able to visit individual pages for each crew member (where further information is known about them). To visit the relevant pages click on the ship names below:

The idea behind these crew biography pages is that we'd simply like to honour these men on their own website for anyone to read about and learn.

For those still alive, it acts as a biography page where they can write their own story and tell us what it was like to serve on these ships at war and in peacetime.

For those who are no longer with us, it serves as a page for their friends and relatives to honour their memory and have their own personal memorial page about their loved one.

We have no shortage of web space, so these pages can be anything from a picture and a few words, or a full biography.


For details of how to trace relatives who served in the Royal Navy, there are a few pointers here


If you have anything (pictures, histories etc) of yourself, a family member, or a friend who served at any time on the ships, and you'd like to see them included on these pages, or if you can provide any information at all, please send it to me: webmaster


Important: Please note that we have two sets of lists for men who served on the Force Z Capital ships HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse.

We have the 'Crew Biographies' pages for any men who served, and we have 'Casualty lists' for men killed whilst serving on the 2 capital ships HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse.

Please check both sets of lists before emailing us to say that your relative isn't listed, they may be on the list you didn't look at.



HMS Prince of Wales

HMS Repulse

HMS Electra

HMS Express

HMS Tenedos

HMAS Vampire

Crew names unknown

Marines unknown

Ship unknown


SS Automedon

The following ships had a huge part to play in the ensuing war after the fall of Singapore (and indeed before that), some of them had crew members who joined From HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse after the sinking of Force Z. Where this is known, we have added details against their names.

HMS Cornwall

HMS Exeter (On a new website)

HMS Dorsetshire

HMS Encounter

HMS Jupiter

HMS Rapid

HMS Saumarez

HMS Stronghold

HMS Thanet

HMS Thracian

HMS Peterel


HMS Dragonfly; HMS Grasshopper; HMS Hollyhock; HMS Paladin; HMS Porpoise; HMS Quilliam; HMS Stonehenge; HMS Stratagem; HMS Ulster; HMS Verulam; HMS Virago, HMS Volage, HM Tug Yin Ping

The crew lists (so far) for all these ships are currently on the same page. As and when the lists expand, the ships will be allocated their own page.

We are indebted to Ian McLeod and Don Kindell for their invaluable work in collating the vast bulk of these lists.

Information has also been sent in about other ships. We will of course include them here:

Royal Fleet Auxiliary - RFA Oiler Francol

Some of the information on these pages is taken from postings made on our forum and guestbook, and has been placed here to allow easier viewing and selection from an indexed system for each ship, rather than you having to search through the forum postings or the web. The entries are of men who served on either ship, some of whom were not present when the ships were sunk.

For full lists of casualties from the sinkings of Force Z, and other casualties, please click here

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