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Donald Burns


HMS Prince of Wales


Donkey ride - Donald is 6th from the right (50889 bytes)

Donald Burns

Donald with a group of friends (28078 bytes)

telegram 1 (39083 bytes)

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One of my fathers brothers Donald Burns, stoker 119161, was a survivor of the sinking of HMS Prince of Wales.
The two pictures above are official telegrams reporting him missing in one and a survivor in the next.
Somehow he landed in India at Madras, where his brother lived. This brother cabled Admiralty Singapore with information that he had survived.

I also have a telegram sent from Madras to there mother in Manchester with the good news (from a collection of seven telegrams in all).

He also served in the first world war.
Donald then served in H.M.S. Endeavour.
Donald died 1950 or 51

Alan Burns


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