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Albert Ellis

Able Seaman

HMS Prince of Wales


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Leading Seaman Albert Ellis

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My Grandfather Albert Ellis was a survivor of the sinking of the HMS Prince of Wales.
Regrettably he passed away in March of this year aged 87. From the the information my family is in possession of, he was posted to HMS Prince of Wales after it docked at South Africa to replace a number of sailors who had deserted. At that time he held the rank of Able Seaman. 
I do know that he took the exam to become a chief petty officer and was awaiting the results prior to the sinking of HMS Prince of Wales. Once liberated he returned to finish his term in the Navy and was promoted to Chief Petty Officer as he had passed the examination prior to his capture.
After HMS Prince of Wales was sunk he was rescued and and was ordered to sail from Singapore with a tug hauling munitions, lest it fall into the hands of the invading Japanese. This was sunk by aircraft and my Grandfather was captured by the Imperial Japanese on Sumatra on Saint Patrick's day 1942 until his prisoner of war camp was liberated.
Although we do not have his Navy records we do have press clippings of the period announcing his capture.
He was born in the village of Lumsden, Aberdeenshire, Scotland and returned to live there until his death. Albert went by various nicknames in the Navy, Bert, and Bertie and of course Jock.

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