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These are pictures of a steel cigarette case that belonged to one of the Commanders of the ill fated ship HMS Prince-of-Wales.
The case measures 3 3/8" x 5 5/8" closed, and has some surface rust where it looks like the plating (Nickel?) has come off. The inside is washed with something to resemble brass. The clasp is stamped "Made in Austria". Inside the top appears the following (see pictures):

"HMS.PRINCE-of-WALES, G R Hudson Commander (Note & Return)" There is an oval ring with the ships name at the bottom and "Com. G R Hudson" across the top of the ring.

The cloth "stabilizer" is intact.

I have not researched this item, nor its owner, but it is certainly a cigarette case from the proper period, and is being sold as authentic. It is quite remarkable, since the ship was sunk less than a year after it was commissioned, and only a few days after Pearl Harbor.

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