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Frederick Richard Kings

Ordinary Seaman
MX 876701

HMS Prince of Wales


My Father was called Frederick Richard Kings, he served on board HMS Prince of Wales as an Ordinary Seaman from 28 Feb 41 to 10 Dec 41. He survived the sinking, but never talked much about his experiences. We have some pictures and letters relating to his time on board. Particularly when they took Churchill to America.
After the sinking his next 2 postings were HMS Sultan (Singapore naval base) until 28 Feb 42, and then HMS Lanka (Ceylon naval base) from 1 Mar 42 until 1 Aug 42. In total he served from Jan 1940 until Jan 1954. Since he died about 12 years ago I'm taking these dates from his certificate of service. However, there are clearly gaps. Everything between 1940 and 1946 is written in the same hand and pen (and hence I presume at the same time) and I know for a fact that he served for a while on HMAS Bathurst as the only Brit, and this isn't listed.


Rob Kings


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