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George McCheyne

Royal Marine

HMS Prince of Wales


I understand from my Great Aunt that her first Husband was on HMS Prince of Wales when it was sunk. He was a Marine (George McCheyne PLY/X100456). He survived the sinking and was again sunk aboard HMS Hermes, which he also survived. He was finally killed aboard the Aircraft carrier HMS Indomitable during Operation Pedestal. He was amongst 40+ Royal Marines killed when two of the gun turrets were hit. The previous two times he saw action it was reported he was below deck. I recently posted a small article on the HMS Indomitable web site and got a response from a long lost relative of George's who said he was a keen water polo player, hence a rather good swimmer! 

I have a copy of his records form the Admiralty, which list HMS Prince of Wales, HMS Hermes & HMS Indomitable. He is also listed on the Commonwealth War Graves site.

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Commonwealth War Graves Commission record:

Nationality: United Kingdom 
Rank: Marine 
Regiment: Royal Marines 
Unit Text: H.M.S. Indomitable. 
Age: 22 
Date of Death: 12/08/1942 
Service No: PLY/X 100456 
Additional information: Son of Garnet and Elizabeth McCheyne; husband of Constance McCheyne, of Liffle Lever, Lancashire. 
Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead 
Grave/Memorial Reference: Panel 74. Column 3.