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J.W. McPherson


HMS Prince of Wales


My father served on HMS HOOD 1939-40 and HMS PRINCE OF WALES 1941. He was a Plymouth Argyll Royal Marine at Singapore and escaped to Sumatra then Ceylon. I'm particularly keen to find out how he escaped, who with and on which ships. 
I know that on arrival at Trincomolee he was briefly accommodated at St Joseph's College and then went north to a rest camp. On April 19th he joined HMS Warspite together with 2 other RMs one of whom MAY have been Cpl Costa. General Wavell was aboard at this time: destination Bombay. My father remained with Warspite till January 11th 1943. After returning to the UK he joined HMS Orion  26.10.43-1,1.46.

I am particularly keen to find out:

1. How he escaped from Singapore to Sumatra then Ceylon in February/ March 1942; with whom and on which ships.

2. About the movement of ships between Padang and Ceylon at this time.

3. How my father and 2 other RMs came to join HMS Warspite [bound for Bombay] on 19.4.42 at Colombo.

Any information on my late father gratefully received.

Please contact myself or Andy (webmaster) with any information.

Jack McPherson 

Andy Wade (Webmaster)

Information provided by
Jack McPherson