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Charles Terence (Dusty) Miller

Corporal, Royal Marines
Service no. PLY X 1541

HMS Prince of Wales


Cpl Charles Terence 'Dusty' Miller of the Royal Marines survived the sinking of HMS Prince of Wales. 
Charles joined the Corps in January 1936: 237 Squad.
He served on Leander [RNZ Navy = double pay and exotic destinations!] before joining HMS Prince of Wales R M Detachment. In action against the Bismarck then in the South China Sea. A Plymouth Argyll Royal Marine, he was a POW at Changi, Kranji, some of the worst camps in Thailand then in Japan after a notorious journey on the Asaka Maru.
Charles left the Corps in 1948 as a Sgt Instructor. He joined the Malaysian Police and served in many 'hot spots' during the Emergency. He rose to the rank of Superintendent, served with Special Branch and was awarded the Colonial Police Medal. Retiring in 1963 he thought to become a rubber planter but was recalled to reform the Royal Brunei Police. He remained in Brunei as Deputy Commissioner of Police till 1982.
He led an eventful and active retirement here and in Western Australia until suffering a severe stroke in 2000. His final years were spent in a Birkdale nursing home.
Sadly he died on 16th March 2006. Funeral service in Southport on 3rd April 2006.

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