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Vernon L Sankey

Able Seaman
D JX 208425

HMS Prince of Wales


Survivor of the sinking of HMS Prince of Wales
Vernon L Sankey was my uncle (my father's brother). In an old yellowed newspaper clipping I have from my father's papers mention is made of Vernon being a survivor of the sinking of the Prince of Wales. There is a picture of him in uniform but no details.
What I do know is:
He was a Canadian and lived in Vancouver.
His father emigrated from England to Canada in about 1910.
He was an accomplished musician so would certainly have had the talent to play the organ in church.
After the war he made his living as a radar technician so it is likely he learned his trade in the Royal Navy, perhaps aboard the Prince of Wales.
He died of cancer about 40 years ago but he does have 3 surviving children all still in Vancouver Canada.

Neville Sankey

Mentioned in Frank Sugden's biography page here

Frank's memory of Vernon - Vernon Sankey was from one of the Dominions (as they were then) - Canada, I believe. When we were in Newcastle, he used to play the organ in the local church.

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