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Eric Arthur Storey

Air Mechanician

HMS Prince of Wales


I am looking to find out more information about my grandfather who was in the Royal Navy. His name was Eric Arthur Storey and he was on HMS Prince of Wales, after it was sunk he clung to a bit of driftwood for 2 days and was then recovered from the water alive. He was also on HMS Rodney and HMS Exeter at some stage but apart from that I don't know much more about him and would love to find out. He may have been a petty officer at one point but started out as a stoker from what I know. Unfortunately he died when my mum was young and my grandmother never really spoke about what he did in great detail. I wonder if you could tell me of places where I could try to find out more information about him. I have noticed that on the crew listings for the H.M.S Prince of Wales there is an Eric Storey, D KX 80409 could it be the same person? and if so what does D KX 80409 mean? Any help you could give me would be great as I have hit a bit of a brick wall from this end.


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