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Samuel Robson Thompson

HMS Prince of Wales


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My fathers name was Samuel Robson Thompson and from what I remember, he worked in one of the big guns. Dad died in 1992 and like many of his era did not talk too much about the war, but I do remember him telling me a little about the sinking and also of the earlier engagement with the Bismark. 

Please find attached a few old photographs of my father. They seem to have been taken sometime after the sinking. He looks quite happy in most of them so I assume he was having an OK time.

The only thing I can remember dad telling me about his time out there was that he said when they were put on the islands they were told to keep the Japanese at bay, but as he wasn't given a gun he wondered if he was supposed to throw coconuts at them! Well, thats what he told me when I was but a lad.

Les Thompson

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