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John (Jack) Wignall

Royal Marine
PLY X 100430

HMS Prince of Wales


Posting taken from the Force Z website guestbook:

What an excellent website; thanks to everyone who has made it possible.
Although I am now 70 and computer literate, I wonder just how many of the survivors or their family can be made aware of the brilliant site? 
Next week a friend and I are taking ‘survivor’ Marine JOHN (JACK) WIGNALL to Liverpool to see his ships bell that was recovered from the ‘Prince of Wales’.
Fortunately I phoned the Maritime Museum 01514784499 to check what other displays they had on next week only to discover that the ‘Bell’ was not now at Liverpool, but away being reconditioned, and would not be back this year. So be warned phone in advance of any visit. We will still take ‘Jack’ to the Maritime Museum next week and if any of his old ship-mates want to send him a message; they can be emailed to me and I can pass them on.
Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to the site.
Peter Joslin
September 23rd 2004


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