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George Herbert Wilson


HMS Prince of Wales


Mid 1941, at Barbette of 'B' Turret, HMS Prince of Wales

My father is George Wilson.

He survived the sinking of HMS Prince of Wales.

He trained at Devonport which he says was a much softer regime than Ganges  appears to have been, he escaped death on two occasions on the final day of the Prince, he worked in the magazines which were hit by a torpedo which failed to go off, but caused considerable flooding amidships, after being taken on deck with his buddy Ralph Harrison, they were taking orders from an officer when he suddenly grabbed them both and threw them bodily into a doorway, there was an explosion. They never saw the officer again. He trained and served together with Ralph Harrison until the sinking, my father was shipped out of Singapore 2 days later.

He served on HMS Prince of Wales for her entire albeit short career. he was a member of the Gun Crew - Secondary armament - The smaller twin turrets. Aged approx 17 at the time, now living in Queensland, Australia. We would be interested to hear from other crew of HMS Prince Of Wales or their families.


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