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William Noel Ash

Paymaster Cadet


King's College London
Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives:

Survey of the Papers of Senior UK Defence Personnel, 1900-1975
Name ASH, William Noel (born 1921), Rear Admiral
Service biography
Joined RN 1938; Paymaster Cadet, HMS REPULSE 1939; World War II 1939-1945; Secretary to Capt, HMS DEFIANCE, Torpedo, Anti Submarine and Electrical School, Devonport 1946-1948; Lt (Supply and Secretariat), HMS WOOLWICH 1949; Lt Cdr (Supply and Secretariat), HM Yacht BRITANNIA 1955-1958; member, British Joint Services Mission, Washington DC, USA 1958-1960; on staff, Personal Services and Officer Appointments Department 1961-1963; Cdr (Supply and Secretariat), HMS EAGLE 1963-1965; Canadian National Defence College 1965-1966; on staff of Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic 1966-1969; service in Cabinet Office 1969-1971; Cdr, HMS GANGES 1971-1973; Director of Service Intelligence 1974-1977; Secretary of Defence Press and Broadcasting Committee 1980-1984 

Ash replied to an approach letter from Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives in 1990 that he doubted that his papers were of any relevance, but would bear the Centre in mind 

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