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Robert Humphrey Boggs
Able Seaman


I am currently researching the family history.
There's not a lot I can tell you about Robert Boggs.
He was my husband's father, but he died in 1956 when my husband was only a child so he remembers very little. 
I know he was born in Londonderry, N Ireland. He married in Hull, Yorkshire, where he died.
I have a copy of his navy papers which tells of his career in the navy and all the ships he was on, ranks attained etc.
My mother-in-law said he was on the Russian Convoys but none of the ships on his papers relate to those in the convoys that I can see.

He served on HMS Repulse from 17th January 1939 to 15th October 1940 when he was posted to HMS Drake


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Andy Wade (Webmaster)

Information provided by
Maggie Boggs (daughter in law)