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Cyril E. Bradford BEM

Chief Petty Officer


C.P.O Cyril E. Bradford, B.E.M. (P/MX 50865)
I have recently been going through my late fathers photo albums covering the time he served in the navy aboard HMS Repulse, HMS Nelson and finally HMS Birmingham. Unfortunately he rarely spoke about his time in the navy but there is an album which appears to be of photos taken when he was an E.R.A on Repulse from 1935 up to when he was hospitalised in Malta with kidney stones, consequently she sailed without him on her last fateful journey. These photos cover everything from the Repulse's operating theatre!!! to the 1937 Spithead review and her illumination with shots from places she visited and of many unidentified crew members. There is also a collection of 9 monthly record cards giving in great detail HMS Repulses' daily diary from June '36 to Feb '37. There are also numerous loose photos showing his time on HMS Nelson as an E.R.A and an album on HMS Birmingham as a C.P.O./ C.E.R.A.

Tony Bradford

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Tony Bradford