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CJ (Jack) Cartwright

Leading Seaman


C J (Jack) Cartwright, Leading Seaman, D/JX 12939 was my father, and he served aboard HMS Repulse.

Jane Ann Cartwright was his wife and my mother.

I have his death certificate, ref DNA 3/DD/4975 dated the 13th Nov 1945 telling us that he died on the 14th Feb 1942, along with his official will, and two photographs, also I have two silk handkerchiefs with a picture of the Repulse embroidered on the corners, and his medals.


I was only 4 yrs old when he went away and all I can remember of him are sort of snapshots, the last memory of him was on a railway station he kissed me on the cheek and told me to look after mum.  The telegram telling us of his death hit my mother hard, as you can imagine, and the subject always brought tears to my mothers eyes so I learnt at a very early age not to talk about it.


Cyril's name is on the War Memorial at Plymouth. He left a widow and three children, two of whom died in the war.


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Cyril in a posed shot

With a couple of mates

Close up version

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Younger days

Death Certificate

Letter from Buckingham Palace

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Napkins or Handkerchiefs

Cyril's medals

Rear view


If anyone reading this has any more information about Cyril, please contact me:

Andy Wade (Webmaster)

Information provided by
CJ (Jack) Cartwright (son)

Commonwealth War Graves Commission record:

In Memory of

Leading Seaman
D/JX 129039
H.M.S. Sultan, Royal Navy who died on
Saturday 14 February 1942.
Additional Information: Husband of Jane Ann Cartwright, of Plymouth. 
Cemetery: PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL Devon, United Kingdom 
Grave or Reference Panel Number: Panel 63, Column 3.