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John (Jack) Condon

Royal Marine


My father - John (Jack) Condon - served in the Royal Marines from January 1923 (originally joining the RMA) until November 1945. 
He was a gunlayer and spent most of his service at sea. Before the war he served on HMS Repulse (1924-26), HMS Sandhurst (1926-1929), 
HMS Shropshire (1929-1932), HMS Achilles (1933-1935), HMS Dragon (1935-1937), HMS Southampton (1938-1941) and HMS Kent (1941-1942). 

Between 1942-1945 he was ashore first at Chatham and then as NCO i/c Boats Crew at Deal. On discharge he continued to work for the Marines 
as the gardener at the various establishments at Deal, including the School of Music, Infirmatory, etc., until his retirement in 1970.


I am looking to contact any Royal Marine veterans who may have known him or served with him on any of the ships during WW2, especially anyone who was serving on HMS Southampton when she was bombed and then sunk in the Med on 11 January 1941. I realise that there will be few still alive from that period but possibly there are still some of those who were in their early twenties or so who may still be around. 

Please contact Andy (webmaster) with any information.

Andy Wade (Webmaster)

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