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Frederick Raymond Dore

Warrant Telegraphist


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Frederick Raymond Dore's grave at The Royal Naval Cemetery, Clayhill, Gosport.
Gravestone picture kindly supplied by Dennis Budden

My Father was Frederick Raymond Dore.

He was a Warrant Telegraphist

Official Service number: Portsmouth J104443

Date of entry for boy service: 6th October 1921

He served on H M S Repulse from the 2 Sept 1940- 9 Dec 1941 and was a survivor of her sinking.
His last shore establishment was HMS Mercury.

HMS Mercury, which closed a few years ago was the Navy's Signal School, it was situated at Southwick Village, Hampshire, about 15 miles from where I live. The complex was built around 'Southwick House' a large estate, the house being famous for its part in the Allied Invasion of Europe in 1944 (D-Day). As you probably know, with all troops etc loaded up for the invasion the weather worsened, storms at sea forced a recall of some of the slower boats who had set off to turn back. The weather forecast announced in the early hours of the 5th of June to the High Command Staff, showed a possible 36 hour lull in the storm. General Eisenhower gave the order for the invasion to go, from the Library in Southwick House. Later used for the Officers Wardroom, and the maps of the invasion are still there, just as they were left at the end of D-Day (6th).

Dennis Budden.

He was admitted to Royal Naval Hospital Haslar on 1st September 1953, sadly he died on 13th January 1954.

His rank was Senior Commissioned Communications Officer (SCCO), the 'Commissioned' title being used to show that he was promoted from the 'lower deck' by Royal Warrant.

He is buried in the Royal Naval Cemetery, Clayhill, Gosport.

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