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Donald Ogilvy Farmer
Ships Writer


Donald Ogilvy Farmer served as a 'Ship's Writer'. on HMS Repulse. He was on the ship when it was sunk by the Japanese but was picked up by one of the escorting destroyers. He survived the war, dying in Plymouth in the mid 1980's.

I knew him when, as a young man, I joined his department in the Plymouth City Treasury where he served as an Audit Clerk. He never married and lived in an apartment on Plymouth's barbican area.

He loved America and Americans and took all his holidays in San Francisco. He had been brought up by his Mother as his Father (a Naval Officer) was tragically killed when his ship was sunk off the Dardanelles in 1915 when Donald was a small child.

I left the City Treasury for other employment in 1979, but kept in occasional touch with my old workmates. I heard that on his last holiday in San Francisco he had been mugged and had sustained a head injury. Not long after that he suddenly died. I attended his funeral service at Efford crematorium in Plymouth along with a few old friends and colleagues (he was a good natured but intensely private man and lived alone all his life). His death would have occurred between 1983 & 1985.

Donald was not a 'career' Navy man but was proud to have served and loved the 'Repulse' and it's company, many of whom were his friends and went down with her.

With best wishes,
J. Furneaux 

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