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Alexander Beaufort Fraser  Fraser-Harris DSC

Commander RCN 


FRASER-­HARRIS, Alexander Beaufort Fraser, Commander, DSC*, CD - Mention in Despatches
- RCN / HMCS Nootka - Awarded as per Canada Gazette of 10 May 1952.
Born Halifax, Nova Scotia 16 November 1916.
Naval Cadet RN 1 September 1930 at Royal Naval College
on Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship.
Midshipman RN 1936.
To HMS Achilles for Training 1936.
To HMS Repulse for Training in 1936.
To HMS Westcott for Training 1937 doing international non-intervention
Patrols for Spanish Civil War.
Acting Sub-Lieutenant RN 1 January 1937; Sub-Lieutenant RN 1938.
To HMS Winshelsea for Watchkeeping Certificate 1938.
To Flying Training at Civilian Clubs and to RAF Netheravon for Flying Training in 1938.
Awarded Wings 1 April 1939.
To RNAS Donbristle for Naval Fighter Course and Advanced Flying Training in 1938.
To HMS Argus for Deck Landing Training 1939. Lieutenant RN 15 April 1939.
HMCS Glorious with No. 803 Squadron flying Skua aircraft in 1939.
To RNAS Wick for Convoy Patrols in late 1939.
Flew off of HMS Glorious for raids to sink cruiser Konigsberg in 1940.

Awarded Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) on 26 June 1940:
"He was shot down during attacks on shipping and seaplane base at
Trodeheim, Norway, and returned to the United Kingdom."

To RNAS Yeovilton for No. 759 Fighter Training Squadron as Instructor in 1940.
LCdr(P) on 16 August 1945.
To HMS Tern (II) for No. 801 Squadron flying Hurricanes as Flight Commander in 1942.

Awarded Bar to Distinguished Service Cross (DSC*) on 22 September 1942:
"He was shot down in the desert attacking airfields at Oran and was a POW
of French Forces for five days in 1942."

To HMS Ark Royal as Commanding Officer of No. 807 Squadron flying Skua aircraft.
To No. 807 Squadron flying Fulmar aircraft off of HMS Argus.
To HMS Furious with No. 807 Squadron flying Seafire.
Promoted to Acting LCdr (A) RN on 1 February 1943 and to
Senior Operations Officer to Flag Officer Naval Air Service in 1943.
To RAF Millfield for Wing Leader's Course (Spitfires II and V) in 1944.
Promoted to LCdr (P) RN 16 August 1945 and to HMS Afrikander (RNAS Wingfield)
as Commanding Officer 1945.
Transferred to RCNR 1946 as LCdr (P) with Seniority 13 November 1946.
To Naval HQ as Commanding Officer Naval Air Section 1946.
First Commanding Officer of No. 1 Training Air Group May 1947 to July 1948.
Promoted to Commander 1 July 1948 and posted to Stadacona
as Commander-in-Command of Royal Canadian Naval Air Section at Dartmouth in 1948.
Acting Captain 1 December 1948 but reverted to Commander 1 August 1949
and sent to USN War College Course.
Commanding Officer of HMCS Nootka (II) (213) from 29 August 1950
to 16 September 1951 and took the ship to Korea.
To Stadacona as Commander RCN Barracks in 1951.
Promoted Captain RCN 1 January 1954 and to Naval HQ as
Director of Naval Aviation from March 1953 to October 1955.
National Defence College of Canada in 1955.
Commanding Officer of HMCS Magnificent (Aircraft Carrier - 21)
from August 1956 to June 1957.
Took ship to Suez canal crisis and served as Naval Deputy to UN Commander in 1956.
To Staff of Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic as
Assistant Director (Plans and annual Review) in 1957.
To Naval Headquarters as Director of Naval Ship Requirements 1960.
Promoted Commodore 12 October 1962 and to Naval HQ as
Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Air and Warfare) from October 1962 to July 1964.
retired 29 April 1965.
After retirement became a charter skipper in the East Indies.
FRASER-HARRIS. Alexander Beaufort Fraser, 0-25245, Cadet [1.9.30] RN
Mid 1936, A/S/Lt [1.1.37] S/Lt 1938
Wings awarded [1.4.39] Lt [16.5.39]
DSC [25.6.40] "He was shot down during attacks on shipping and seaplane base at Trodheim Norway, and returned to the UK"
Bar to DSC [22.9.42] "He was shot down in the desert attacking airfields at Oran and
was a POW of French forces for 5 days in 1942"
LCdr(A) [1.2.43]LCdr(P) [16.8.45] awarded additional seniority for 'Meritorious War Service'
LCdr(A) [16.8.45]
Transferred RCN(R) 1946 - LCdr(P) [13.11.46] RCN(R)
Transferred RCN 1946 - LCdr [19.12.46]Cdr [1.7.48] A/Capt [1.12.48] reverted Cdr [1.8.49]HMCS NOOTKA(213) DD, CO, (29.8.50-16.9.51) MID [10.5.52]Capt [1.1.54] Awarded Legionnaire - Legion of Merit, by USA [16.4.55]HMCS MAGNIFICENT(21) CVL, CO, (3.8.56-14.6.57)Cmdre [12.10.62] Retired 29.4.65.
For Service as the Commanding Officer of HMCS Nootka during her
Korean deployment leaving Halifax on 25 November 1950 and arriving in Sasebo
on 14 January 1951. HMCS Nootka left Korea on 20 July 1951 and arrived
in Halifax on 21 August 1951.

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