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John Henry 'Goody' Goode
Service no. DJ/X 161816


John Henry Goode - 'Goody' as my brother called him, was my brother Albert’s best mate. Both were South Walians, Goody from Cardiff and my brother Albert Pring from Usk, Monmouthshire, they entered Boy’s Service in HMS Impregnable together and joined the Repulse at the same time. Goody survived the sinking, but was taken prisoner when Singapore fell to the Japanese. He spent some four years in captivity I believe.
In Japan, when released like the majority he was in very poor health. On return to the UK he was medically discharged and returned to his home. My brother made contact with him and he visited my parents once or twice, he was in pretty poor shape and never really got over his suffering as a POW. I am not certain when he died but it was not many years after his coming home. My brother told me the story of when Singapore was falling, they were together at the dockside with the multitude of people trying to get aboard the last ships and boats leaving, The opportunity came for them to board but despite all of my brothers pleadings, he refused to go, saying that he would rather take his chance of being taken prisoner, than take the risk of the ship being sunk by the bombing that was taking place on these vessels leaving.
I believe that the majority of the Boy’s Class that they were in at HMS Impregnable perished when HMS Royal Oak was sunk in Scapa Flow.

Yours sincerely Robert J Pring.

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