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Dennis (Dolly) Gray

Able Seaman


My Grandfather Dennis Gray is a survivor of HMS Repulse and is still going strong even in his 80's. He still suffers as a result of the oil he ingested, and although he doesn't often talk about the sinking I gather he was picked up by an Australian ship. I would like to hear from anyone who knew him on HMS Repulse, and will be sending some pictures that he still has shortly they might jog a few memories. I was amazed to read the theories behind the ships being sent to these areas as my Granddad has always said that his Captain objected to going there, but was forced to anyway. 

He was an able seaman and acquired the nickname 'dolly', one of his jobs was to look out on the spot top although I think they were put on different parts of the ship for a certain amount of time to learn as much as possible. At the time of the attack he was below getting shells for the ack ack 4.7 but somehow managed to jump off as the ship sunk. He was picked up with some others and taken to Singapore then onto the Dutch East Indies and then Perth, Australia, where they eventually got a ride home on a Minesweeper no. K13. He particularly wants to find out what happened to able seaman Len Heath and petty or chief petty officer Chiefy Brown who had already been in the navy around 20 yrs when Granddad met him. Anyone with any info regarding them or my Granddad please reply to the email addresses below:

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Melanie Gant

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