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Reginald (Nobby) Hall


Reginald (Nobby) Hall

I am looking for anyone who remembers my brother Reg (Nobby) Hall. He was a boy seaman on Repulse when it was sunk.

On the page of unknown sailors we are 99% sure that Reg is no.11. Now Reg first.; bearing in mind that I was only 11yrs old when he came home from being demobbed, and would not talk about his experience re the sinking, it was some years before he told us some details.
He broke his foot on the keel of the ship while jumping off. Then he was picked up by the Electra and taken to Malaya which was invaded, and he was taken home to Plymouth. In hospital there, he met Freddie Roberts from the Prince of Wales who was badly injured. They became friends and set up a business together. When that failed Reg joined the Merchant Navy and a few years later in 1952 while in Jamaica he hired a boat to go fishing and was never seen again. After extensive searches by American planes it was established that he had strayed into the Bermuda Triangle.

I did manage to trace Charlie Rogers a PO on the Repulse but he has since passed away. I would be obliged of any help.

Joan Tye


My Uncle Reg Hall survived the sinking of the Repulse. I know he was in the gunnery branch. He developed a stutter after the sinking through shock.
If anyone has any information about him please contact me on my email address.

Sadly my uncle was lost at sea after the war whilst serving in the merchant navy before I was born.


Richard Hall

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