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Phillip Charles Hughes
Stoker Second Class
Service no. DKX 129173


My Granddad's name was Phillip Charles Hughes, his rank was Stoker Second Class, and his service number was D/KX 129173. He survived the sinking of HMS Repulse, and the War.
It would be nice to be able to show my children my Granddad as he died in October 1990 aged 77 years, before my children were even born.
I am also trying to find out what happened to him after he survived the sinking. All we know is that he made it to shore he was then picked up by a destroyer which we do not know the name of but we believe it was sunk not long after. We think it was then that he ended in a Far Eastern POW camp, I don't know where or which one.
We would be grateful for any help with this.

Many thanks,
Andy Scott

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Information provided by
Andy Scott (Grandson).