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Robert Irvine


My uncle was called Robert Irvine and served on HMS Repulse. He survived the sinking and swam to another ship. That ship, subsequently, also sank and he was killed by strafing fire in the water. My grandfather learned of the way his son died from another 'Irvine' from HMS Repulse who was, by chance, in the water with him but survived.

They only knew of each other because their names were the same and their mail got mixed up occasionally. 

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Rob McCulloch 
Andy Wade (Webmaster)

Information provided by
Rob McCulloch

Commonwealth War Graves Commission record:

No known record exists.

The text indicates that he was killed as another ship sank, as the only two ships that sank were the HMS Prince of Wales and the HMS Repulse, and were too far apart for anyone to swim from one to the other, this story as written is puzzling, and may have been mixed up with another story. If he swam to one of the rescuing destroyers, then he would have been taken back to Singapore, as all the accompanying destroyers returned safely.
No Irvine has been recorded as killed during the sinking of either ship.

I'm listing it here because some doubt exists and it needs to be verified.

The following entries are listed in the CWGC records for Irvine R. - Navy, killed after 10th December 1941.


Petty Officer Stoker

D/KX 81091

4 March 1942


Royal Navy

United Kingdom


Able Seaman

D/JX 303814

28 January 1945


Royal Navy

United Kingdom


Able Seaman


21 October 1944


Royal Australian Naval Reserve