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Arthur Rufus Kelleway DSM
Chief Engine Room Artificer
MX 46542


Arthur Rufus Kelleway (click for a larger view in a new window) (12667 bytes)

Arthur posing for his portrait, taken in a Hong Kong studio.

Arthur Rufus Kelleway, DSM

Arthur Kelleway's crossing the line certificate when he was on HMS Abdiel (click for a larger view in a new window) (46434 bytes)

 Arthur's crossing the line certificate for HMS Abdiel (There exists another certificate for crossing the International dateline).

Arthur Kelleway was born to Frederick Bertie Kelleway & Kate Matilda Kelleway on 6th Sept 1911 in Portsmouth. His father served in the Royal Navy as a seaman on HMS Victory. His mother outlived Arthur by 20 years, living to 100 years of age.

He served on HMS Repulse from 22nd July 1939 to 2nd February 1940.
There is an official report of a traumatic amputation of his left leg about 9" below knee (sustained 9 Sept 1943 on HMS Abdiel).
HMS Abdiel (Click on the link for a picture) was the first of the Abdiel-class British minelayer cruiser, she was launched on 23rd March 1940 and sunk in Taranto bay, Italy on 10th September 1943 by a ground mine laid to protect the harbour. This happened the day after Italian forces had surrendered. She was carrying men from the 2nd Independent Parachute Regiment and some members of the Allied Special Forces at the time.

Arthur was mentioned in Dispatches for distinguished service (London Gazette 4 May 1943). He was also awarded the DSM.
His awards were as follows:

For Mine laying in HMS Abdiel
Mentioned in Dispatches awarded 4th May 1943 'For bravery and skill in successful mine laying operations'. 
For Mine laying (ship unknown)
Distinguished Service Medal awarded 14th December 1943 'For courage, endurance and skill in mine laying operations'.
The Royal Naval Minewarfare & Clearance Diving Officers' Association (MCDOA)

Arthur died on Aug 31st 1964 (one week short of his 53rd birthday)
His death notice is titled: "KELLEWAY, A R. C.E.R.A., D.S.M., late R.N.".

Some details from his service record:

Service Number:  MX 46542
He was a Greenwich schoolboy on volunteering on 1st August 1927, for 12 years service (aged 15 years and 11 months).
Height 5 feet 1,3/4" Chest 33,1/2"on entry. Height 5' 3" Chest 35,3/4" on demobilisation. Brown hair. Blue eyes.
Ship or Base From To Conduct Rank
Fisgard 1 1st August 1927 1st January 1930 ERA (apprentice)
Pembroke II 2nd January 1930 1st January 1932
HMS Furious 2nd January 1932 1st January 1935
Caledon (Tenedos) 2nd January 1935 23rd April 1935
Drake II 24th April 1935 28th April 1935
Royal Sovereign 29th April 1935 4th September 1936
Drake II 5th September 1936 9th September 1936
Tamar II (HMS Defender) 10th September 1936 31st March 1939
Drake II 1st April 1939 21st July 1939
HMS Repulse 22nd July 1939 2nd February 1940
Drake II 3rd February 1940 6th March 1941 Acting CERA to CERA
HMS Abdiel 7th March 1941 9th September 1943 (leg amputation 9th September 1943)
Drake 11 10th September 1943 18th October 1948 Distinguished Service Medal awarded - December 1943
Long service & Good conduct Medal - September 1944
Victory 19th October 1948 22nd March 1953 Physically unfit for Naval Service (leg amputation in 1943)
Medals, Clasps, etc
23 Dec 1943 awarded Distinguished Service Medal (AFO 6075/43)
6 Sep 1944 Awarded L.S.& G.C.Medal & paid Gratuity
10 June '47 -1939/45 Star; Atlantic Star; Africa Star and Clasp; Burma Star; Italy Star; War Medal

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Information kindly provided by Tim Stephens, and the MCDOA. Photographs supplied by Tim Stephens.