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Albert Kings
Able Seaman
D JX 138339


My name is Martyn Kings, youngest son of Albert "Bert" Kings.
It is with deep sorrow that we have to inform your organisation that dad passed away peacefully at 18.15 hrs on Wed 22nd November 2006, aged 89 years.
We so much appreciated your efforts in promoting this site and acknowledging the input from Alan Cooper, who dad thought the world of.

Many thanks

Martyn Kings (Son)

  neighbour of a very good friend of mine is Mr Albert Kings aged 87. I have become friends with Albert and he has told me many stories of his time on HMS Repulse . He went into the Navy as a boy cadet at the age of sixteen. He qualified as an electrician and was posted to the Repulse. He was watching the Japanese planes attacking the Prince of Wales when he heard an almighty crash and the next thing he knew he was in the water. He was in the water what seemed like hours then he swam to a small dinghy. There was only one man in there who he knew as a gunners mate. He helped him in! Then another man was sighted in the water. They paddled to him and dragged him in. He was completely naked and they had a job understanding him. Then Albert remembered who he was! He was an American reporter (probably Cecil Brown) that had been on board the Repulse. After several hours in the boat they were sighted by a destroyer, HMS Electra.
As the destroyer approached Albert shouted to the crew to throw down some clothes for the reporter. He laughed as he told me they threw down a duffle coat and a pair of boots ! Just what you need in the tropics!! Albert remembers the Captain of the Electra as a marvellous chap who sent them round three times when the rum ration was passed out! He said they deserved it!
Also he recalls the Captain of the Repulse, Mr Tennant, who often shouted as the men went ashore for leave "Drink plenty of beer lads! But make sure its Tennants!" . He was one of the Tennant family that owned one of the big breweries in the UK. 

Best Wishes 

Alan Cooper

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Information provided by
Martyn Kings (Son) and Alan Cooper
(Friend of Albert).