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T. E. McCalley

Petty Officer


Sunk Three Times

Keith Joseph Smith of Lewisham also attended the memorial service. He was an RAN Writer 1942-47 and in 1943 served with POWTR T.E. McCalley RN at HMAS Penguin. 

Keith tells us that PO McCalley had not only survived the Kuttabul but also the sinking of the British Battle Cruiser HMS Repulse by Japanese aircraft near Singapore on Dec 10, 1941.

He was again rescued off Colombo when his ship the County Class cruiser HMS Cornwall was sunk by Japanese aircraft on April 5, 1942. 

"PO McCalley was sleeping on the mess deck table of the Kuttabul when the explosion catapulted him into the sea," said Keith.

"He thought he was dreaming when it happened and went to put his head back down on the pillow - he was in the water." 

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