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Sir Charles Napier



In the European War, the last real engagement of battleships took place on the 17th November 1917 at Heligoland Bight. Under the Command of Admiral Sir Charles Napier, on board his flagship HMS Repulse, the light cruisers Calypso and Caledon were following the battleships Kaiser and Kaiserine of the German Navy. As they were in virtually uncharted minefields they had to proceed with some caution. 
In the confrontation, with the enemy ships, the British light cruisers were hit by salvoes from the Kaiser and the accompanying Kaiserine. Meanwhile, the German flagship of Admiral von Reuter, the Konigsberg, was engaged by the Repulse.
It was not a great battle. The enemy lost only a torpedo boat. The great courage shown by the Captain and crew of HMS Caledon gave the battle credibility. 

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