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John Pountney

Able Seaman


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HMS Repulse

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Unknown Marine

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Unknown Sailor

My late father, John Pountney, was a 20 year old seaman on the Repulse when she was sunk. I believe he was a gunner on one of the secondary guns. I think he was rescued by the Electra and returned to Singapore. Later he spent a time on corvettes on the Russian convoys. Sadly he died on the 14th August 2000 and I very much regret he was unable to see your web site, he would have appreciated it. He was a complete character, he should have written a book, it would have been a best seller!
I did meet some of the Association members when father took us to a reunion at Plymouth in the early 90's, his membership number was 180, so if you would add father's name to your crew list someone will probably remember him.

Bob Pountney

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Bob Pountney