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Jack Ridgway

Able Seaman - Gunner


Jack Ridgway  - Service number D/JX 195035.


My Daughter (aged 8) is doing a project on the war and asked for any family details of those in the war.


My father, Jack Ridgway, served on the Repulse and was on it, I believe when it was sunk. He survived the war and passed away in 1994, sadly, before my daughter was born. I believe my father was a gunner on the Repulse.

Jack did indeed serve, and is listed on the survivors list from HMS Repulse - Webmaster

As with a lot of survivors of the war, my father never spoke of his experiences, but what I know is that he was sunk 7 times and was declared missing on one occasion. He mentioned that he was on a small boat (like a PT boat I think) in Singapore and once spoke of the harbour being bombed and how the ground just kept "opening up". One of his shipmates was on the harbour at the time, and when my father found him he had, in his panic, rammed a kettle over his head which he could not get off. He also did some duty on the inland rivers. Again I think he was a gunner. 

He also said that he had to march across a jungle from one side of a country to the other, either in Sumatra or Burma, to escape the Japanese.

On the last occasion when my father was sunk he was found lashed to a raft when picked up by the Australian Navy, and spent several months in hospital with memory loss. He was later temporarily seconded to the Australian Navy as a diver, and finished off the war in Southport as a gunnery instructor. 

In the 90's I believe my father joined the Oldham branch of the Naval Association. 

Jeff Ridgway 

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Jeff Ridgway