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Doug Scantlebury



Mentioned in Harold Siddall's memoirs.

Besides the distilling plants I had to gain watch-keeping experience with turbo-generators, reciprocating engine generators, hydraulic machinery which traversed the fifteen-inch gun turrets, rudder steering gear machinery and the huge reciprocating air pumps which maintained a vacuum in the main engines’ turbine condensers. With the completion of all of these experiences I had to sit a written examination and visit the various machinery compartments with the responsible Engineering Officer and answer questions. One Sunday evening I was told to report to the Engineer’s Office and there the Senior Engineer told me I had passed the examination. I now possessed an Auxiliary Watchkeeping Certificate; I was on the first rung of the advancement ladder to becoming a Leading Stoker. During my periods of watchkeeping on those machines my opposite number was a Geordie lad called Doug Scantlebury, and more of him later.

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