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Ronald Douglas Scott

Flight Sergeant - Fleet Air Arm


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A group of officers and men of Repulse


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Ronald Scott's medals

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Ronald Scott's medals

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Part of his diary

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Part of his diary

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A service record extract


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A service record extract - HMS Repulse details

A very good original WW2 Fleet Air Arm medal grouping to Flt Sgt Ronald Douglas Scott The group consists of Sgt Scott's original issue medals of 39/45 Atlantic Star, with Air Crew Europe bar & War medal plus his medal issue box and medal slip. Also, his 1939 diary of day-to-day events on board HMS Repulse, which includes much interesting reading:
Including…..the Ark Royal being attacked by HE111’s, The Hood on numerous occasions plus “getting a sub and Royal Oak sunk in Scapa Flow, Warspite, Rawalpindi sunk. Quote “Yesterday morning, 0600 hrs Exeter and Achilles-4 hour fight with Graf Spee, Exeter hobbling back to Falkland Isles and the other three ships putting into Montevideo – 36 killed, 60 wounded on Graf Spee – 19th December HMS Barham and six Destroyers are with us" etc etc.

Also includes invitation cards, RAF reports, RAF certificate of service showing entry in RAF 1935, service on HMS Repulse, 702 Flt FAA section, Fleet Aircraft Carrier HMS Victorious, Lee-on-Solent, 138 Sqn, 166 Sqn etc etc ………released 1948 Some REALLY excellent photos of Scott's section in uniform plus one extremely rare original photo of Bismark hit by torpedoes, marked “Not For Publication” Large photo of Victorious, the Battle Group and HMS REPULSE. A rare photo of Churchill visiting Victorious etc.

An excellent complete grouping in which SGT Scott saw much action throughout WW2.

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