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William Taylor
Stoker Second Class
Service no. D KX 235758


Stoker William Taylor

My Grand Father served on HMS Repulse in the Far East.
He survived the sinking and the war. But one day some time after he was demobbed, he was walking over Westminster Bridge in London, and some guy jumped off the bridge trying to commit suicide, my Grand Father dived off the bridge and saved him, but unfortunately he caught pneumonia and died shortly after.
I don't know very much more about him. except that he lived in Pimlico with his wife and 18 children.

My Great Grand Father was also in the Royal Navy, he served on the sailing ship HMS Monarch, I believe he died at sea, some where off the Azores, I have tried to find out a bit more detail, but to date have not had much luck.

I served in the Merchant Navy, and was also in the RNR, before it was disbanded, I finished up working for Trinity House, before I finally left the sea.

Kind regards,
John Taylor

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Information provided by
John Taylor (Grandson).