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W. A. H. Thomas


From Stuart Thomas of Ancaster, Ontario.

My father, W. A. H. (Alva) Thomas (WCMDR) told me a number of times that he was on the Barham for a short period of time. He then was transferred over to the Repulse. He was quite an avid photographer and I can recall watching some of his moving pictures. While watching these pictures many years ago, with my dad, he told me that one of the ships that were depicted was the Barham. I still have these moving pictures and will see if I can find the correct reel

My father W. A. H. Thomas (Alva) served on the Repulse during the 1930s. He was assigned to the steam catapult that launched the Swordfish. He talked with much fondness about this ship.
He took many photos of the ship and his fellow crew members during his time onboard.
My mother still has many of these photos.
He was from Port Talbot Wales and retired with the rank of Wing Commander RAF.

He moved to Canada in 1952.



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Stuart Thomas