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George Robert Thomas
Able Seaman


Able Seaman George Robert Thomas

We are searching for any and all information/photographs about our Father/Grandfather, he was George Robert Thomas and was from 
Liverpool, England, he was an able seaman onboard ships including HMS Warspite, HMS Hood and HMS Repulse when she was sunk on 
December 10th 1941, he was a survivor of the sinking.

One of his best friends was Tommy Cupples who was also on HMS Repulse.
We are unsure of exact details but we understand that George worked onboard Repulse as some kind of gunman, on the large deck guns.

We also know he was in the Royal Navy from 1939 to 1945 almost without a break and he also served onboard HMS Dipper, his parents were Lydia Jane Thomas and Robert George Thomas.
George grew up at 32, Samuel Street, Liverpool. He t
hen lived at 17 Dido Street as a married man when he was in the Navy
He died peacefully at home on the 16th of  December 1986, and his ashes were scattered in a full ceremony with honours by the Royal Navy in the early New Year of 1987.

George and two of his shipmates (Click to enlarge in a new window) (25808 bytes)

George and two of his shipmates (Click to enlarge in a new window)  (33289 bytes)

The photograph above is of my grandfather with two fellow Navy friends and a South African warrior in traditional dress, I am unsure of their names but I do know the photograph was taken in Durban, South Africa, my grandfather is on the bottom right, hands clasped together as you view the picture. I'm hoping either my grandfather or his friends may be recognised by somebody and maybe I will find out who they are.

Please contact Andy (webmaster) with any information.

Andy Wade (Webmaster)

Information provided by
Kelly McLaughlin (Granddaughter) and Joy Vaughan - nee Thomas (Daughter).