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HMS Electra
(Destroyer H27)



HMS Electra was an E Class Destroyer, one of 9, commissioned and built in 1934. Their main duties were to participate in normal fleet duties and convoy protection. She was eventually sunk by the Japanese Destroyer Asagumo on 27th February 1942.

She carried a complement of 138 Officers and Crew, and had a maximum speed of 35 knots.

Displacement was 1,360 tons standard displacement

Armament was 4 x 4.7 inch guns (4 x 1)

8 Torpedo tubes

Depth charge throwers


Battle Honours:
Atlantic 1939-40, Norway 1940, Bismarck Action 1941, Arctic 1941


Hawthorn Leslie, UK

Laid down:

15th March 1933


15th February 1934


17th September 1934


Timeline of major events

Outbreak of WW2

Allocated to the 12th Destroyer Flotilla, Portland

October 1939 until April 1940

Carried out escort duties and took part in hunts for U-Boats in the Western Approaches. 

April 1940

Together with HMS Escapade, escorted HMS Southampton to Vaagsfjord.

She was then detailed for the Narvik area and retained there.

13th June 1940

Damaged in a collision in Norway

August 1940

Transferred to the 3rd Destroyer Flotilla

September 1940

Left Port ZA with HMS Jackal escorting minelayers during Operation 'SN41'. 

6th November 1940

With HMS Repulse and others was detached to the position of 'Admiral Scheers' attack on Convoy HX84

10th November 1940

she joined the search for 'Admiral Scheer' and survivors of convoy HX84.

20th November 1940

Employed on escort duties in Scapa Flow. 

23rd January 1941

Took part in Operation 'Rubble' - the escape of 6 Norwegian merchant vessels from Goteborg - and returned to Scapa.

25th January 1941

Left with HMS Nelson and others in search for the German Battle Cruisers 'Scharnhorst' and 'Gneisenau', which were reported as having passed through Great Bolt on 23rd January.


Joined the search for a suspected enemy warship sighted by 'Ramillies', (which was later abandoned).


left Scapa escorting HMS Queen Elizabeth with HMS Inglefield to r/v with HMS Hood (for interception of 'Scharnhorst' and 'Gneisenau'), returning to Scapa on 23rd March.

Later, HMS Electra joined HMS Hood and others for Bay of Biscay patrol.

May 1941

Took part in the hunt for the German Battleship 'Bismarck' and the cruiser 'Prinz Eugen in the North Atlantic, this operation resulted in the destruction of the 'Bismarck' on 27th May.

24th May 1941

First to arrive on the scene of the sinking of HMS Hood. She quickly picked up the three men, searched for other survivors, found none, then departed. The men were landed at Reykjavik, Iceland late on 24 May

June 1941

With HMS Anthony and others, provided anti-submarine escort for personnel ships from Clyde.  

19th June

Joined in the hunt for a U-Boat sighted by aircraft. HMS Electra continued her escort duties

August 1941

Detailed for Operations 'Dervish' and 'Strength' - convoys to Russia. Continued to operate in the Arctic area until October.


Returned to Scapa Flow

23rd October

left Scapa with HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Express

5th November

Arrived at Freetown as part of Force 'G'.

Left Freetown the next day, arriving at Simonstown on 16th, Colombo on 28th and Singapore in early December. 

10th December 1941

Part of Force Z -  Singapore, Malaysia. Rescued casualties from HMS Repulse

Now part of the Eastern Fleet continuing to operate in the Singapore area.

January 1942

Temporarily allocated to the China Force Abda Area.

28th January With convoy BM11 she was attacked by an aircraft in Banka Strait, but was undamaged. 

27th February 1942

Battle of Java Sea:

HMS Electra, while crossing the Java Sea together with HM Ships Encounter, Exeter, Jupiter and several US Destroyers, was attacked by a large force of Japanese destroyers (2nd and 4th Destroyer Flotilla) including the 'Nachi', 'Hagura', 'Naka', 'Asagumo' and 'Jintsu'.

HMS Electra was hit by a shell in No.2 boiler room, port side.

Immobilised, she was then hit by more shells from another enemy destroyer, which then closed so that machine guns could be used.
She sank at about 18:00 hours on the 27th February 1942
In the early hours on the 28th February, 54 survivors were picked up by US Submarine S38