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Models of the ships of Force Z

HMS Prince of Wales

This large 1:47 scale model has been constructed by Harry Bland-Woodall.

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Launching the model (unladen) (21625 bytes)

View of the port bows (23677 bytes)

lLaunching the model with Harry inside - note that the waterline is now correct (19125 bytes)

HMS Prince of Wales (with Harry inside) (44412 bytes)

View of the forward guns from the port side(31460 bytes)

View of the details of A turret (29076 bytes)

View of the front turrets (25876 bytes)

View of the port midsection (from aft) (29186 bytes)

View of the port midsection (from forward) (29595 bytes)

View of the seaplane on the catapult (27292 bytes)

These are some photographs taken at various stages during the ten years of construction, culminating with the ballasting trials in April 2002, at which time I was able to board and man my own Battleship [you will be able to tell from the waterline, in which photos I'm actually on board!]
My concept for the model, which I started in April 1992, was to recreate a working model of the "Prince of Wales." with enough detail for it to be displayed as a "static" model, but with the facility of me being able to actually man the ship without being visible from outside. It should also have as many working features as possible. Hence the 14inch turrets have full 120 degrees rotation, with each barrel having independent elevation throughout the rotation cycle. Each barrel will fire a rocket - motor which must be pre-loaded before "sailing" [Arming of the projectiles is done from on board ] Vision for the "skipper" is via a camera mounted in the bridge window and transmitted to a TV screen in the conning tower. The twin 5.25 [8off] are also fully controllable, but due to the Skipper being so rotund, haven't been coupled up. The 48inch searchlights also work, as do the navigation lights. Steering of the vessel is via foot pedals operating the rudder, and the propellers [4off], are controlled by a single joystick, via two electric motors. All equipment on the vessel is scratch-built. The all-in weight of her in "sea-going rig" is 711lbs and overall length is 15 feet 8 inches. Should the model go on static display, the ballast and batteries would be removed and would therefore weigh very little. i.e. Two fit men would be able to lift it.