Item (Latest news appears at the top) Date
Names of men who have passed 'over the bar'
Annual reunion April 2006 - added July 2006
Memorial unveiled at Singapore September 2005 - added July 2006
Singapore Times article 12th December 2003
Memorial service at Liverpool 10th December 2003
The presentation of the Bell of HMS Prince of Wales 3rd May 2003
Details of the presentation ceremony of the bell of HMS Prince of Wales 28th April 2003
Pictures of a model of HMS Prince of Wales added 16th March 2003
The book, 'Shadows of the Ensign' added to the website 11th March 2003
Expansion of the Crew Biography/Memorial pages section 2nd March 2003
Memorial service and wreath laying held at the site of HMS Prince of Wales 18th February 2003
Article about James MacLean Mackenzie in Southern Daily Echo 5th February 2003
New crew listing added for HMS Electra 19th January 2003
Website moved to a new server 4th January 2003
Arctic Convoy medal 5th November 2002
Ships bells 17th September 2002
Arctic Convoy medal 8th August 2002
Ships bells 7th August 2002
John Dykes - co-author of 'Sailors Tales' dies 18th April 2002
New website online for the Survivors Association 24th February 2002
Our ships are granted status as 'Protected Places' under PMRA 6th December 2001
Survivors Association applies for protection under PMRA 1984 6th May 2000