Sailors Tales

This is our online version of the two books: 'Sailors Tales' and 'Shadows of the Ensign'

Plus some other accounts from men who were on the ships at the time of the sinking.

 And the official Royal Navy account transcribed from the London Gazette of 1948, containing reports from senior officers on the ships at the time.

If you know of any other written accounts of the sinkings, we would very much like to add them to this section, to add to our historical record of the experiences of the men who served in the ships during the sinking.

Sailors Tales

List of pages

Shadows of the Ensign

List of pages

Page 1 - Introduction and joining the Royal Navy Introduction - Shadows of the Ensign
Page 2 - Dreaming of the Sea Page 1 - Early Days
Page 3 - The Story of Repulse Page 2 - Showing the Flag
Page 4 - The Struggle Begins Page 3 - Twilight of the Empire
Page 5 - Meeting a Gentleman Page 4 - End of an Era
Page 6 - Field Marshall Smutts Page 5 - Dark Days
Page 7 - Singapore.  The attack begins Page 6 - Escape from the Brink
Page 8 - Under Attack Page 7 - Into the Cauldron
Page 9 - Final moments of HMS Repulse Page 8 -             "               continued
Page 10 - Aftermath Page 9 - Homeward Bound
Page 11 - Summary of the Battle Page 10 -             "               continued
Page 12 - The Other Side of the Coin Page 11 - Back in Jago's Mansion
Page 13 - Cause of Disaster (A personal view) Page 12 - The Big Push
Page 14 - The Fall of the Fortress Page 13 - Later Years (and Epilogue)
Page 15 -                  "                 (continued) Page 14 - Shadows of the Ensign
Page 16 - Return to Action
Page 17 -                  "                 (continued)
Page 18 -                  "                 (continued)
Page 19 - A Fate Worse than Death

The copyright notice below is from the books, and is still valid. However, we have now placed these complete books online in order to let as many people as possible have access to them and learn the story of what happened to these men and their ships.

This does not mean that the copyright should be ignored.

If you wish to use any part of these works for anything other than your own private reading, please contact us for permission first, making profit from copies taken of them is not allowed.

Copyright Alan Matthews.

First Published in Britain in 1997 by Alan Matthews.

A Catalogue copy for this book is available from the British Library ISBN 0 9531217 0 4. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording or any information storage or retrieval system, without prior permission from the publisher.

We also have some written accounts from men who were on the ships as they sank. Click on their names to view their individual accounts

Cecil Brown War Correspondent HMS Repulse His account is part of his book 'Suez to Singapore'
Ivor Cross Able Seaman HMS Repulse Ivor was in the crows nest of HMS Repulse during the attack
The London Gazette 1948. Reports from senior officers on the ships at the sinking, plus other official reports from the time

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